El Monterrey Spicy Taco Picante Burrito

el monterrey spicy-taco-picante-burritosI have eaten this brand of burrito before but this is the first time I’ve tried the spicy version. I am impressed with the nice burn in my mouth at the end of each bite. The burrito itself is large enough for lunch, but most people would probably eat 2 for dinner. The tortilla is not too thin or thick, and there is plenty of ground beef. As I wrote earlier, the Mexican spices make this a better than average burrito. Although there is a high amount of calories from fat (120/280), there is a welcome low-level of salt (370mg).

Eat Again **** most likely

Nutrition *** High calories from fat (120/280) offset by relatively
low salt content (370mg)

Value **** For less than $1 for 9g of protein, it is a good value

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